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Friday March 5th
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Tuesday March 2nd

Science in a Box with Mrs Dutton (a reminder)


Below is the file from Mrs Dutton, shared with you last week, which is all about a science activity called 'Science in a Shoebox'. It's a challenge to demonstrate something about science and display it in a box. Full instructions are on the Powerpoint, but have a go and see how creative you can be to show your science knowledge! There are some ideas of what you could do on the slides, or you could think about the things we have studied in science so far in Year 4 [teeth, sound, states of matter] and maybe you could do something connected to them - the choice is yours!!


When you have done something, take a photo of it and email it to Mrs Dutton, along with a small explanation - her email address is on the Powerpoint. There is a certificate for everyone who sends a photo and an explanation to Mrs Dutton, with a special prize for the overall winner. Good luck and have fun! 

Monday March 1st

Club Sheets


For those of you who would like to press on with your club sheets, here is the link to find them all on our website