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School Organisation

The school day


EYFS & Key Stage One : (Reception, Year 1 & Year 2)

Morning: 8.55 am to 12 noon

Afternoon: 1.00pm. to 3.15 pm.


Key Stage Two (Years 3 - 6)

Morning: 8.55 am to 12.15 pm

Afternoon: 1.10 pm to 3.20 pm.


We encourage parents to bring their children onto the playground so they can chat with their friends and neighbour. We ask that children come into school on their own as this helps to develop their independence. If parents need to come into the building they should report to the school office first.


We prefer Foundation and Key Stage One children to be collected by an adult but if you wish them to go home with an older sibling please sign the school consent form. Key Stage Two children can go home alone if you wish.

No unaccompanied children should arrive before 8.45 a.m unless attending breakfast club as teachers are not on supervision duty before then. However, if parents/carers stay with their children until 8.45 am they can arrive at anytime before the start of school. Children should also be collected on time. Children arriving after 8.55 am should report to the school office where their lateness is noted.


Leaving school premises during the school day

Once a child is in school he/she will not be allowed to leave during the day unless the parent or known adult carer collects the child from school. Parents/ carers are asked to report to the school office before taking the child out of school.

School Visits

Written consent from parents is required before we take children on any visit which goes beyond their local environment/neighbourhood. We try to limit the number of long distance visits to prevent financial pressure on parents. Children will take part in local neighbourhood visits throughout the year which include walks to church. A separate consent form is requested for this which covers your child for their time in St. Michael's School.

Bagel Club

We continue to offer Bagel Club each morning. Bagel Club is run by Mrs Merrick (a TA) and managed by Mrs Milhavy-Jones. It is a study support club that runs from 8.00am until the start of the school day. Children come along and have bagels, fruit and fruit juice for their breakfast. A variety of activities are available each morning, including some physical activities supported by Mr Rowney.  Bagel Club provides a good start to the day and costs only £2.00 per session per child to cover the cost of child care.


Sessions MUST be booked in advance via email or calling the school office. Booking must be made 24 hours in advance and if you book and your child does not attend you will still be charged. Payment should be made through SIMS Pay.

After-school clubs

Please enquire at the office for details of local After-school clubs.

Charging Policy, School visits and activities

When educational visits and activities take place during school time we usually request voluntary contributions from parents to cover the cost. If you can not make a contribution please see Mrs Jackson so she can ensure no is child barred from the activity. We are grateful for your contributions which enable visits and school activities to take place. Unfortunately, if we do not receive enough funds then the visits may have to be cancelled. For activities wholly or mainly outside school hours a charge can be expected.