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Worship at Home

We might be separated in person but we can still be together in worship, even when we are not in school. Look down this page for examples of different types of worship you could do at home.


A new Douglas talk will be added each week, and there will be new songs on 'Out of the Ark', so don't forget to check here again soon.

Acts of Kindness


During May, we asked you to make it your mission to be kind! How did you get on?


We will leave the file below as a reminder offering ideas of things you could still do, if you didn't do them all smiley


Don't forget, you can still send pictures to school of your random acts of kindness or just to tell them the joke you made someone laugh with. It's always good to take the time to be kind, and make somebody's day smiley

Covid-19 Resources

Here are some worship, prayer, and reflection resources specifically to do with Covid-19.

Faith at Home

The Church of England has produced resources to support families, discuss faith and develop together. Each week covers a different theme, starting with Hope.

Douglas Talks


Douglas is here to give you something to think about. This week, he would like to talk about helping those in need.


Prayer Spaces


Do you remember our prayer spaces in school? Below is a link that would help you to create prayer spaces at home too. Why not look and see if you find one you want to do?


Worship Songs


One of the most popular forms of worship is to sing. Here are some examples of things you could sing - by yourself or with someone else.

Our School Song

St Michael's singing our school song

St Michael's school song backing track

My Lighthouse


Turn to Me

Out Of The Ark


Out of the Ark is a company that produces many of the songs we sing in school. Follow this link to find some songs you know well, as well as some new ones for you to learn! Many of the songs have activities with them that you could have a go at.