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Physical Education

Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation SEND Programme

We are delighted to be working alongside the Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation who are currently delivering a 10 week Physical Activity programme. Selected children, every Thursday afternoon and after school, are coached by Wolverhampton Wanderers Coaches who deliver a range of different activities and sports to the children. The children are very enthusiastic and are making great progress so far.

Sports Competitions

Throughout the school year there is a chance for selected children to represent St Michaels and to take part in a range of sports competitions. Below are the competitions that have taken place so far:


  • Sports Hall Athletics: Children in year 5 and 6 practiced the events in P.E that they would take part in at the Sports Hall Athletics competition. Children in each year group also competed against each other. 20 Children (10 boys and 10 girls) were selected from year 5 and 6 to take part in the competition that was being held at Wolverhampton Grammar School. The 20 Children were split into 2 teams, Team A and Team B. Team B did really well and came 4th place in the competition. Team A did extremely well and came 1st place in the competition. They are now through to the Wolverhampton city finals that are taking place at the end of February. We are really proud of everyone that took part and the children thoroughly enjoyed their experience.
  • Multi Skills: Children in year 1 and 2 practiced the events in P.E that they would be taking part in at the Multi Skills competition. Children in each year group also competed against each other. 30 Children (15 boys and 15 girls) were selected from year 1 and 2 to take part in the competition that was being held at St Peters Collegiate School. The 30 children were split into 3 teams, Team A, Team B and Team C. Team A did great and came 2nd place, Team C also did well and came 3rd place and Team B did well and came 5th place in the competition. We are really proud of everyone that took part and the children thoroughly enjoyed their experience.
  • Tag Rugby: Children in year 5 and 6 practiced for the event by attending a Tag Rugby after school club run by Mr Rowney and also by doing Tag Rugby in lessons. 11 Children (8 boys and 3 girls) were selected from year 5 and 6 to take part in the competition that was being held at Willenhall Rugby Union FC. 15 other schools attended the event. The event was split into 2 leagues. St Michael's came 4th in their league after playing 7 games throughout the day, they won 3, lost 3 and had 1 draw. St Michael's came 7th overall out of 16 schools in Wolverhampton. We are really proud of everyone that took part and Mr Rowney is especially proud as most of the children had not played Rugby before. The children showed great determination and thoroughly enjoyed their experience.
  • Tri-Golf: Selected children in Year 3 and 4 were chosen to take part in a Tri-Golf Competition at St Peters School. 20 Children took part overall (10 boys and 10 Girls). St Michael's had 2 teams at the event which were team A and team B. Team A came 2nd place in the competition and Team B came 3rd place. The Children did really well as most had not took part in any Golf activities before. Well done to those who took part, we are really proud of all children that took part. The Children showed great skill and talent and thoroughly enjoyed their experience. 
  • Kwik Cricket: Children at St Michael's practiced their Kwik Cricket skills during an after school club and at lunchtime in the sports zone. Selected children in Year 5 and 6 were chosen to take part in a Kwik Cricket competition at Fordhouses cricket club. 9 Children took part overall (7 Boys and 2 Girls). St Michael's came second in their league on the day. They played 3 matches, winning 2 and losing 1. They are now through to the Wolverhampton City Finals which will take place soon. We are really proud of those who took part, the children showed great skills, tactics and team work throughout the 3 matches played. 

Physical Activity After School Clubs 

Here is a list of the current Physical Activity After School Clubs that are taking place:


  • Monday: Sports Club - Years 1 and 2 (3:20pm-4:20pm) - Mr Rowney
  • Monday: Yoga Club - Years 1 and 2 (3:20pm-4:20pm) - External Provider
  • Tuesday: Cricket- Years 3,4,5 and 6 (3:20pm-4:20pm) - Mr Rowney
  • Wednesday: Athletics - Years 5 and 6 (3:20pm-4:20pm) - Mr Rowney
  • Thursday: Rounders - Years 5 and 6 (3:20pm-4:20pm) - Mr Rowney
  • Friday: Dodgeball - Years 3,4,5 and 6 (3:20pm-4:20pm) - Mr Rowney


If your child wishes to join one of these clubs please ask at the office if there is any space available in your selected club. If there is space available you will be given a form that will have to be completed and returned to school. If there is no space available your child will be put onto a waiting list for the selected club.


Kristian Thomas Visit


Alison – “I enjoyed it because I like Gymnastics and also take part. It was good to see Kristian Thomas because it showed me no matter what; if you keep going, you can do something that you love”.


Malayeka – “I enjoyed it because it was really fun and I liked the exercises that we did. It was scary when he did the handstands and the jumps over the top of me”.


Lennie – I enjoyed it because I had the chance to see someone who has won a Bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Gymnastics. I also liked the activities because they were fun but they were also hard”.


Fathema – “I enjoyed it because I got to see how good he was at gymnastics. The hardest part was when we had to do the star jumps activity, it was very tiring”.


Theo – “I really enjoyed it when Kristian came in because I liked it when he did all of the tricks in the assembly. I also enjoyed taking part in all of the activities”.

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