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Kristian Thomas Visit


Alison – “I enjoyed it because I like Gymnastics and also take part. It was good to see Kristian Thomas because it showed me no matter what; if you keep going, you can do something that you love”.


Malayeka – “I enjoyed it because it was really fun and I liked the exercises that we did. It was scary when he did the handstands and the jumps over the top of me”.


Lennie – I enjoyed it because I had the chance to see someone who has won a Bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Gymnastics. I also liked the activities because they were fun but they were also hard”.


Fathema – “I enjoyed it because I got to see how good he was at gymnastics. The hardest part was when we had to do the star jumps activity, it was very tiring”.​​​​​​​


Theo – “I really enjoyed it when Kristian came in because I liked it when he did all of the tricks in the assembly. I also enjoyed taking part in all of the activities”.​​​​​​​