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Teaching Staff

Interim Executive Headteacher

Mrs K Jackson B.Ed.


Interim Headteacher

Mrs H Navratil



Mrs N Milhavey-Jones



Mr S Donnison


Year 1

Mrs B Chana & Mrs R Phillips (EYFS / KS1 SEND Liaison Teacher)


Year 2

Mrs E Moreton

Acting Assistant Headteacher


Year 3

Mr N Ruddell


Year 4

Mr P Reece


Year 5

Mrs H Navratil & Mr P Rogers


Year 6

Mrs S Rai & Mrs S Rogers (KS2 SEND Liaison Teacher)


IT Teacher

Mrs S Douglas

Teaching Support Staff


Mrs J Owen


Mr D Walker


Mrs R Vann - with additional responsibility for Pastoral support


Mrs J  Howell


Mrs S Merrick


Mrs W Draisey


Mrs W Kean


Mr D Garratt



Non-Teaching Staff


Mrs S Brown   

          Office Manager


Mrs V Beddall 

          Attendance Administrator


Mr P Lee         

          Site Manager


Lunchtime Staff


Mrs J Bethall


Mrs E Hill


Mrs A Carter


Mrs R Vann


Wolves Community Trust


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