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Bulb Planting October 2019

‘Let’s Grow Together’, St Michael’s Church, October 22nd 2019

On Tuesday October 22nd 2019, Year 5, accompanied by 2 members of staff (Mr Rogers and Mrs Vann) visited the church to take part in a bulb-planting morning.  The bulbs were being planted as part of the project ‘Let’s Grow Together’ and were part of a campaign that aims to eradicate polio.

Children joined a collection of volunteers from the church and Reverend Reeve, to dig holes for the 3000 bulbs, which were then planted by each member of the class, ten at a time.

Once all the bulbs were planted, the children were then talked to by the volunteers about the charity and when they should expect the purple flowers to be visible on our way to church.

They really enjoyed being part of the process, especially when they were told that the bulbs will not only grow for one year, but may well still flower when the children are much older. They really liked the idea of their influence being felt at St Michael’s for many years!



Pupil Voice:

‘We went to church to help children in Pakistan and Afghanistan that have a disease by planting crocus bulbs and making the people in charge of it feel happy and valued.’

‘ It made me feel important because you would never get to do something like that ever again. Planting bulbs was fun’

‘I felt happy about planting the bulbs because I was helping members of the church and trying to get rid of a rare disease called polio. One day, I will go and see the bulbs we planted grown into beautiful crocus plants.’