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This term's topic is 'Growing'

After reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit, we discussed how and what might grow in Mr McGregor's garden. We are now going to look into the lifecycle of plants as this was of particular interest to the children.

Plant lifecycles

Making perfume from flowers

Children choose which parts of the flower they wanted to use to make their perfume. They had to follow the instructions and use the equipment safely. We had some amazing results with lots of lovely smelling perfumes. Some children used more of the stem, which resulted in an earthier smell and some children used a mixture of different coloured petals which made their perfume smell much more floral. 

Chick lifecycle

Fairness and Justice  


This term we have been looking at Fairness and Justice. Using the stories from the bible we have been looking at how different people deal with fair and unfair situations. We have spoken about how these people might feel and what they would do if they were in a similar situation.