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Welcome to the School Council Page!

Our School Council has been elected by members of each class. We held a democratic election where each candidate gave an election speech. Each class then named three school councillors.


2023/24 School Councillors

Year 1 - Rivah, George and Evie

Year 2 – Marley, Ava and Ethan

Year 3 – Jaxon, Etta and Avni

Year 4 – D'Angelo, Laurel and Eshani

Year 5 – Sophie, Ferne and Aryan

Year 6 – Jeremiah, Vania and Musawwir



What do our School Council think about their new roles?


The School Council meet every week to discuss ways to improve our school. 

They were asked what they thought a good school councillor does...


We look after our community, and make the school a happy place to be. We can think of ways to help the teachers and give them a rest - Eshani


The School Council is about making the school a better place for children and we can become better people by making the school equal for everyone - Aryan and George


We are the voice of the children. We can show our school vision by always being loving. We are a democracy and I think I got voted in because I am a good person - Ava


I got voted in because I want to be a voice for all of the children in my class. Democracy is when everyone has a fair chance to give their opinion. I want to look after my school and fill everyone with joy - Laurel


I want to help children enjoy school more - Jaxon


I want to make sure that everyone's voice is heard. I think that I got voted in because evryone trusts me in my class to do the right thing - Ferne


A school councillor is respectful, responsible and ready at all times. We raise money for people in need. We make school better by promoting the school values - Avni


Our job is to take care of the pupils of St Michael's and make the school a better place. We want to take part in worship and spread important messages - Vania and Evie


A good school councillor listens to everyones ideas and gives them a chance. My aim as a school councillor is to make the school a better place to learn and enjoy - Musawwir


I want to help make important decisions for the school. I want  to help charities when I can. I think that democracy is when everyone has a fair chance to give their opinion - Marley


We want to help people - especially new children to our school. We want to make our community a nurturing environment. We want to help people to smile - Jeremiah and Rivah

Easter Egg Appeal 2023

School Council activities 2022/23

Last year we thought of many ways that we could improve our school for both the pupils and adults:

  • In the Autumn term, we designed an Anti-Bullying worship which was shared with the whole school. We also organised Odd Sock Day - a chance for the whole school to celebrate being unique and our diversity.
  • We also organised Christmas Jumper Day. Children were asked to wear Christmas or brightly coloured jumpers to school for a small donation to the Meningitis Research Foundation.
  • We have been actively promoting British Values throughout the school. In March, we led a whole school worship to introduce Individual Liberty as our half-termly focus. We also helped to create a British Values display in the school corridor.
  • We organised the Easter Egg Appeal to support a local food bank charity, The Well in Wolverhampton.
  • On Random Acts of Kindness Day, we hung kindness acts outside the front of the school to encourage the parents and children to take on their way out of school. We also gave out free fruit to parents and children at the end of the day as our random act for the day. 


Future projects...

  • We are currently discussing ways to encourage all children to keep fit and healthy during the school day. 
  • We hope to lead further whole school worships in the future.