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Science is the study of the world around us to gain knowledge and understanding of how it work. Scientists do this by nurturing their natural curiosity to ask questions and developing the skills they need to answer those questions through systematic enquiries.

Useful Websites

Primary Science Teaching Trust


British Science Association (For 5-7 year olds) (For 7-11 year olds)



Terrific Scientific -

Bitesize KS1 -

Bitesize KS2 -


Explorify on Twitter


Children's University (Year 3-6)

WOW Science

CBeebies (EYFS -Year 2)

Whiz Pop Bang


Bright Sparks - sign up for an online science club and links to Youtube live streams of investigations


Wow Science


BP Education


Science Kids


National Geographic


Easy Science for Kids


How Stuff Works




Intent, Implementation and Impact