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Our Reflection Corner

Our Reflection Corner 1

Warwick Castle Trip

"We climbed the tower, it was very high I could see the view I saw the old arrow loops, I saw the Portcullis and I almost saw the whole world" Neo

"We saw the dungeons and we went up on the castle" Jay

"We explored the castle" Jotham

We learnt about the Arctic, it is really, really, really cold! The Polar bears can swim over 200 miles, they get their food from the ocean. There are mountains in the Arctic and the icebergs are very high. You can see the Northern Lights.
We made an audiobook called Dear Zoo, we recorded the words and made animal noises.

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo 1

"We went to the Theatre and we watched Dear Zoo" Harri

"We saw a wonderful play and before the play started we had some cookies and a bottle of water" Briti

"We enjoyed watching Dear Zoo, the lion was my favourite animal" Jay