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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Our topic this term is CHOC-TASTIC!

Junior Foresters

World Book Day - Can you guess who we have come as?

Pep the Poet

3.2.22 Visit to Madina Masjid

Year 3 Numbers Day 2-2-22

Ukulele - Music lessons

Kingswood Experience

Forest Schools Autumn Term

Stonehenge Art

Making flowers of kindness

You are the light of the world Matthew 15:4

What or who is the Holy Spirit?

This term we are reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'

Our Reflection Corner

 PSHE - We are a bucket filling class!

We have looked at the different ways we can connect with others. We decided that we would like to be 'bucket fillers' because we want everyone to feel happy and contented. As 'bucket fillers' we would be filling another person's bucket and we would be role models who practice kindness and good behaviour.

As a class we thought about examples of bucket filling behaviour and decided to write some tokens for people in our class.   Our notes thanked others for

  • being respectful
  • being ready
  • being responsible
  • being a good friend
  • being helpful
  • being kind to everyone
  • using our manners
  • the list goes on! 

Once the notes were written, they were put in a bucket and then shared with our class.  It felt amazing to to get a token and it was just as good to give a token to someone because it made them smile and feel good about themselves.


Everyone thought that this was good idea and so we had another thought. It be great to connect with other classes this way. So we wrote tokens for people in other classes and then shared them. 


Have you filled a bucket today?