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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Spring Term home learning


Here are some of the things that have been sent in that show what we have been doing at home. As well as our Maths and English, we have been learning about drawing flowers [inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'], reading The Spiderwick Chronicles and finding out about the Roman invasion of Britain amongst other things.

Christmas in Year Four


Although not everything can be the same as normal, we have still celebrated Christmas well in Year Four. The children all helped to decorate our Christmas tree, and they also pinned their hopes for 2021 to the Tree of Hope. These hopes might be for themselves or those they care deeply about, but can also be hopes for the wider community including our school, Wolverhampton or even the whole world! We also made Christingles for the service that we watched remotely on Tuesday December 15th.


We have also made the candle jars, using jars brought from home for the final part of our whole school work on Light and Hope. It has been a lovely end to the term and the children have made us proud by displaying their care for each other and the wider community. Let's all hope for a New Year full of light and hope!

Positivity, Inspiring Role Models and Bringing Light & Hope to others


Since half term, our whole school has been thinking about Light and Hope. We made a fantastic display of candle holders in the entrance hall, featuring an item made by children from each class. We also focused on Remembrance in the days around November 11th. 


As part of our whole school work on Black History Month, our class have been learning about Marcus Rashford. We held a debate where we decided that you don't need to be famous to make a difference to others and be a role model, though we think that he uses his fame as a footballer brilliantly to help people like those in the area of Manchester where he grew up. All of us in Year Four agree that Marcus Rashford is a courageous advocate, is inspiring in wanting to help others and is a brilliant role model for everyone. We want to do all we can to bring light and hope to others, just like him.


In December, we helped to compile a 'reverse advent calendar' to contribute to The Well [see link below to their website]. This, combined with buying poppies & wristbands etc, and our Spotty Day for Children in Need is all part of us giving to help others. We believe that giving to help others is good for us and our own well-being, as well as being good for those we help. It's not just about money either - giving time and care to other people can be just as important to them.

We are Year Four - Connect with us!


In Year Four, we have lots of interesting stories, talents and facts to share. We have written some of them here for you. Can you work out which ones are real and which ones we have made up? We think knowing about each other helps us to get along better and be a great team!


1) We have visited lots of great places between us. Some of Year 4 have been to France, Barbados, Pakistan, Canada, Tenerife, Poland, Sardinia, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Wales, Spain, Australia and Turkey.


Can you guess which one we haven't really been to? It was Australia!


2) We don't only speak English. Here are some of the other languages that people in Year 4 speak:

    French, Urdu, Spanish, Dutch, Shona, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, Welsh  and German.


Which wasn't true? We don't have any German speakers in Year Four! 


3) We think we are really talented! Here is a list of some of the things that people in Year Four can do.


    Telling jokes, dancing, football, singing, ballet, abstract art, freestyle dancing, beatboxing, juggling, swimming, running, painting, wrestling, gymnastics, basketball, maths, colouring and street dancing.


Can you guess?? Well, we're going to keep it a secret for now! But we will update the page again soon to tell you which of these skills we didn't really say!


UPDATE We currently don't have any jugglers in our class, but maybe somebody will learn how!

Class Worship


Our worships have all been in class so far this year. Sometimes Mrs Jackson speaks to all the classes on the big screen, and other times we do our own worship in Year Four. We are still naming our Star of The Week and sending them a Marvellous Me message as part of Celebration Worship on a Friday and, on a Thursday, we are doing Humming Worship! Below is a link to our favourite song that we've hummed and done actions to so far. We really like this and hope you might have a go too - it made us all go 'Wow!'

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