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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Curriculum Newsletters

What we've been up to lately


Here are some of the creative things that Year Five have done while they've been at home. Remember, you can email pictures of your fantastic artistic efforts to school and we will add them to our gallery - it's looking great so far!

Stories and home learning

Some of you have also been sending pictures or copies of the work you've been doing to school. It's great to see what you've produced and that you're having a good go at the activities on our page. Well done everyone!

Viking Project


Remember our topic project? Don't forget you can send photos to school of the models and pictures you might choose to make. I will also add to our extended gallery any factfiles etc you create - I'm sure they're looking fantastic!

Year 5 Reflection Area

Summer Term reading - Kensuke's Kingdom by MIchael Morpurgo

Mayans Topic Homework


Before Easter, Mayan projects have started to arrive in Year 5! Once again, the amount of imagination and effort put in is something everyone involved should be proud of. Well done! We had a great afternoon looking at them all and reflecting on how different people interpreted the project.

Visit to The King's Church Of England School


Before Easter, we went to the King's C of E School for a day of Art and Music. The children learned how to play Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter on the piano, and collaborated to produce art work based on the work of the artist Frank Stella. These excellent pieces of work went on display in the cloakroom area outside Year 5 and in our classroom.