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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Sharing thoughts about our class book: Eye of the Wolf, by Daniel Pennac.


We have written blurbs to give you hints about the book we have enjoyed reading through the term.


'A noble boy born with an unusual gift. A wolf far from home. Worlds collide. Join these two on their trip through their past...'         Jayden


'Blue Wolf is puzzled as the boy continues to stare into his eye and he just keeps staring and staring and staring until he sees something forming inside the wolf's eye...

A Boy and a wolf's world colliding... What could happen next?'         Amelie


'A young boy and a hurt wolf still have stories of their own...

Africa has a huge imagination, so big he can talk to animals!

Blue Wolf may only have one eye, but he has very memorable moments in his life.

Just staring into each other's bright, blue eyes can reveal all their secrets...'           Isla


'A boy with a gift to understand animals. a one-eyed wolf who longs to be with his family. Two characters searching into each other's lives...'          Ava Raene

Year 6 Forest School Day, September 2020


On Monday 8th September, we had Forest School Day – every class in school is having a day of Forest School this term. It was cloudy but mild and we all looking forward to going outside and completing the activities.

We participating in a variety of activities: cooking (bagels and marshmallows), exploring the bank and building tents, tracking (using stick and stones), making dens in tribes, making nature art, bracelets and dream catchers.

While it rained later on in the day, this didn’t spoil anything. We all worked as a team and had a great day. Below are our thoughts - we wanted to share our experiences with you.

Our Reflection Corner

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Autumn Term Parents' Meeting Presentation - Year 6

Mental Health and Well-being Support


Below are some documents relating to an online  support service called Kooth. 


Kooth provides a safe and secure means of accessing mental health and well-being support designed specifically for young people aged between 11 and 18 years old.  Mrs Vann, Mr Garratt and Mrs Kean have just completed some training with Kooth and thought it might be helpful for some of our young people.  Take a look at the information.